Class Descriptions

All of our classes, no matter what age, stress the importance of play and YOU as your child's model.  YOU are the most important piece in your child's development which is why we urge you to get involved in class.  Even our drop off program involves you since it is important for you to know what is happening in class so that you can build upon it at home.  Remember that it doesn't matter what your musical or art skills are because our classes build on all areas of development and the process is the key to it all!

Show classes for:
Rhythm Kids

  •  5-8 years (45 minutes; 9 weeks)
  • drop off
  • children integrate and assimilate rhythm into their lives
  • children will experience traditional and adapted rhythms from around the world and be given opportunities to create, cooperate and express themselves
  • children will be exposed to soloing, composition and improvisation
  • connecting the voice, the body and the drum with others is at the heart of the program